Komunikata për Shtyp

Komunikata për Shtyp

EULEX indicts SPRK prosecutor N.M. for abusing of official position

31 korrik 2012

31 July 2012

A EULEX prosecutor has filed an indictment with the District Court of Peja against the former Special Prosecutor of the Special Prosecution Office of Kosovo (SPRK) and former head of the Anti-Corruption Task Force within the SPRK, N.M. and three other persons for corruption-related offences.

The EULEX prosecutor indicted N.M. for the criminal offences of abusing of official position or authority and illegal possession of weapons. The three other defendants were charged with assistance to the offence of abusing official position or authority, trading in influence, taking official documents and defrauding buyers.

The case is being prosecuted by a EULEX prosecutor in the District of Peja.