Komunikata për Shtyp

Komunikata për Shtyp

Detention on remand for a defendant in Peja/Peć

15 prill 2014

15 April 2014

Yesterday a EULEX presiding Judge in the Basic Court of Peja/Peć ordered detention on remand for one month in respect of the defendant, K.H. The defendant, is charged with one count of Criminal Association to commit Aggravated Murder and one count of Aggravated Murder. The defendant was acquitted of both charges in 2007 but the Supreme Court of Kosovo annulled this and returned the case for a re-trial. The defendant, K.H. then failed to appear and both national and international orders were issued for his arrest.

The defendant was arrested in Sweden in September 2013. The government of Sweden approved his extradition to Kosovo on 20th March 2014. The re-trial will continue on 15th May 2014. The case is prosecuted by a local prosecutor from the Prosecution Office in Peja/Peć.

The parties have the right to appeal.