Komunikata për Shtyp

Komunikata për Shtyp

U.R. : House Detention

18 korrik 2014

18 July 2014

"This morning a pre-trial Judge issued a ruling replacing detention on remand with house detention in respect of the defendant, U. R. in case PKR. nr. 361/13.

The pre-trial Judge considered the anticipated length of the investigation, which is also complex, and the risk that the defendant would abscond, interfere with witnesses or otherwise obstruct the course of justice, and deliberated in accordance with Article 173.2 of the Criminal Procedure Code that these concerns could be adequately addressed by the less restrictive measure of house detention together with a prohibition on having contact with witnesses/co-defendants and using electronic communication devices and the internet.

The defendant, U. R. was initially arrested on 5th February 2014, and later released from detention on remand on 20th June 2014 following a ruling of the Court of Appeals which held his arrest was contrary to the Kosovo Constitution. He was immediately re-arrested and detention on remand was re-imposed.

The case is prosecuted by a prosecutor from the Special Prosecution Office of Kosovo (SPRK).

All parties have the right to appeal. "