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Member States

EU's Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) and the European Security and Defence Policy (ESDP) as part of it, consists of the common will and agreement of the EU28, the 28 Member states together. In practice, the starting point for ESDP and the ESDP operations, where ever they are, is in the national policy- and decision-making in the capitals and by the governments of the EU countries.

National mechanisms to decide, participate and operate in the field of ESDP operations are different in different Member states, and accordingly, several ministries can be involved in the national, parliamentary and governmental decisions on the ESDP operations. Being part of the foreign policy, usually Ministries of Foreign Affairs (MFA) have key role in the capitals guiding, preparing and coordinating the process. Most of the MFA:s have a separate department or a unit dealing with the civilian participation and operations as a part of the EU or other international security policy or crisis management matters in the ministry.

Broad and integrated operations as the planned ESDP mission in Kosovo operate also in the field of security, police, justice, customs and then other ministries are involved in operating these fields. Therefore national decisions, preparations and participation involve often several ministries, and effective coordination and cooperation in the capital and between the ministries is necessary to ensure good understanding and effective start for the national decisions leading to decisions by the EU.

The list of the Member states ministries serve gaining broad and better understanding of all possible actors involved in the process, finding more information in your home country and contacting those possible authorities through you can find your way to join the mission.


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