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Press Release

Verdict in a murder case

13 December 2013

An international prosecutor from the Basic Prosecution Office on 11 December 2013 received the Judgment in the case against Mustafa, Baki and Emin Krasniqi, who were sentenced to 20, 9 and 7 years imprisonment for their involvement in the shooting of Imer , Arbnora Krasniqi and Arbnor Krasniqi. In this incident, which took place on 6 August 2011 in the village of Grace in Vushtrri/ Vučitrn municipality, Imer and Arbnora Krasniqi were killed and Arbnor sustained injuries to his neck.

The Court of Appeals refused the appeals filed by Baki and Emin Krasniqi and confirmed the Judgment of the Basic Court of Mitrovicë/Mitrovica. The Court of Appeals amended the legal qualifications against Mustafa Krasniqi and sentenced him to an aggregated sentence of 25 years imprisonment.

The case was prosecuted by an international prosecutor from the Basic Prosecution Office, based in Prishtinë/Priština.