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Press Release

Mayor of Prizren indicted for corruption

27 February 2013

A EULEX prosecutor has filed an indictment for corruption at the Basic Court of Prizren against the Mayor of Prizren, Ramadan Muja and five other officials of the Municipality of Prizren. The prosecutor filed official charges against the defendants Ramadan Muja, Sadik Pacarizi, Avni Ademaj, Kadri Ukimeri, Abdullah Tejeci and Minir Krasniqi.

Ramadan Muja is charged with four counts of abusing official position or authority. Minir Krasniqi is charged with two counts of abusing official position or authority. Kadri Ukimeri, Avni Ademaj, Sadik Pacarizi and Abdullah Tejeci are charged with one count of abusing official position or authority each.

The case includes allegations of illegal use and benefit from land belonging to the Municipality of Prizren and other acts that resulted in the serious violation of rights for a number of claimants in civil disputes.