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Press Release

Two persons acquitted for aggravated murder

23 November 2012

A mixed panel of two EULEX judges and one local judge, presided over by a EULEX judge at the District Court of Pristina acquitted Afet Dalloshi and Agron Dalloshi charged with the criminal offences of aggravated murder and attempted aggravated murder. Agron Dalloshi and Nysret Cena were charged with unauthorized ownership, control, possession or use of weapons.

The panel of judges acquitted the three defendants because it was not proven beyond a reasonable doubt that they had committed the criminal offences they were charged with.

Agron Dalloshi and Afet Dalloshi and in cooperation with another unknown person and the defendants Besnik Hasani and Shpend Qerimi (sentenced already) were accused of opening fire and killing Neshat Baftiu, Sylejman Baftiu and Urim Baftiu and seriously wounding Bujar Baftiu. Sadik Baftiu escaped unharmed from the incident which occurred in September 2007.

Agron Dalloshi and Nysret Cena were both found in possession of automatic weapons in September 2007 without proper authorizations.

The case was prosecuted by a local prosecutor of the SPRK.