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Press Release

Supreme Court rejects appeal in murder case

26 September 2012

A mixed panel of two EULEX judges and three local judges presided over by a EULEX judge at the Supreme Court rejected the appeal of Feriz Gashi as ungrounded. However, the Supreme Court panel modified ex-officio the judgment of the Supreme Court and sentenced Gashi to a single long-term imprisonment of 29 years that included both of the criminal offences.

Earlier the District Court of Prishtine/Pristina had found Feriz Gashi guilty for the criminal offences of aggravated murder and unauthorized ownership, control, possession or use of weapons. He was found to have killed Vezir Bajrami and Aziz Xhelili and injured others in a land dispute in Shtime/Stimlje in April 2006. He was sentenced to an aggregate sentence of 25 years and six months of imprisonment.

The accused and the injured parties all appealed against the judgment. The appeal of the accused was rejected by the Supreme Court whereas the appeal of the injured party was granted. The Supreme Court modified the judgment and sentenced Gashi to an aggregate sentence of 30 years of imprisonment. Feriz Gashi had the right to appeal this Supreme Court judgment because he was sentenced to a long term imprisonment.

The case was prosecuted by a EULEX prosecutor in the district of Prishtine/Pristina.