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Press Release

Supreme Court acquits three defendants for abuse of official position

18 July 2012

A mixed panel of two EULEX judges and one local judge, presided over by a EULEX judge at the Supreme Court of Kosovo acquitted Blerim Svirca, Muje Ukaj and Nexhat Shatri in a case of abusing official position or authority involving the Office of the President of Kosovo.

The Supreme Court panel granted the appeals of the defendants and modified the judgment of the District Court of Prishtinë/Priština as to acquit the defendants for legal reasons.

The first instance court convicted Blerim Svirca for abusing official position or authority because he acted with a special authorization of the chief of security within the Office of the President of Kosovo to purchase armored cars. The conviction could not be upheld as the defendant was not a civil servant and his authorization had not been based on law.

The defendants Muje Ukaj and Nexhat Shatri, originally charged with abusing of official positions or authority, finally convicted in first instance for irresponsible economic activity, were acquitted as well because they were not the responsible persons in a business organization, but civil servants responsible to fulfill administrative tasks.

The case was prosecuted by a District Public Prosecutor in Prishtina/Pristina.