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Supreme Court modifies verdict in attempted murder case

18 July 2012

A mixed panel of two EULEX judges and three local judges presided over by a EULEX judge at the Supreme Court of Kosovo modified the verdict against Shani Koca pronounced by the District Court of Mitrovica.

The Supreme Court granted the appeals of the prosecution and of the injured party and partially granted the appeal of the defence, modifying the first instance verdict in regard to the legal qualification of the criminal offence and the punishment. The panel sentenced Koca to an aggregate punishment of seven years of imprisonment for the criminal offences of attempted murder and unauthorized ownership, control, possession and use of weapons.

In the first instance Shani Koca was found guilty for the crimes of grievous bodily harm and of unauthorized possession and use of weapon. He was accused of shooting at least five times at Bekim Osmani, officer of the Kosovo Security Force in September 2010 in the village Polac/Poljance in the Municipality of Skenderaj/Srbica and causing serious injuries to the victim.

The appeal was filed by the EULEX District Prosecutor of Mitrovica. The Office of the State Prosecutor of Kosovo was represented in court by a EULEX Prosecutor.