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Press Release

Supreme Court acquits Kuka on appeal

20 June 2012

A mixed panel of judges presided over by a EULEX judge at the Supreme Court of Kosovo acquitted Riza Kuka for assistance in abusing official position or authority. The Supreme Court granted the appeal of the defence modifying the first instance judgment and acquitting the defendant of the charge.

The Supreme Court decided to acquit Kuka because it could not prove his intent to assist the official person misusing her authorization or their assumed relationship. The panel also concluded that the facts gathered were not sufficient to convict the defendant.

The District Court of Prishtina/Pristina found Riza Kuka guilty because in 2004 he prepared and submitted grossly inflated bids, a false invoice and fraudulent documents in the procurement of 90 Bridgestone tires by the Office of the President of Kosovo. He did this by intentionally assisting Shefka Shasivari, who in her capacity as an official person abused her official position in the Office of the President of Kosovo.

The case was prosecuted by a District Public Prosecutor in Prishtina/Pristina.