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December 2014


The Head of EULEX meets key partners

The Head of Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo (EULEX), Gabriele Meucci, held meetings today with the Minister of Justice, Hajredin Kuqi and the Minister of internal Affairs, Skender Hyseni.

The Head of EULEX meets the new Prime Minister

The Head of Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo (EULEX), Gabriele Meucci, met today with the new Prime Minister of Kosovo, Mr. Isa Mustafa.

The KPCC Road to Success: Over Forty Thousand Property Cases Adjudicated

Final session of the Kosovo Property Claims Commission, KPCC, was held on 16 December in order to resolve the remaining registered property claims. The two international and one local commissioner decided on the last remaining 178 cases.

EULEX Facilitates Training on New Techniques for Vulnerable Victims

Last week, EULEX in partnership with the UK Police Crime Trainers from Humberside and South Yorkshire, delivered a four day training course for 16 KP officers and 6 Kosovo Prosecutors focused on new interviewing techniques for vulnerable victims.

One Person, One Record

Before the handover of the certified copies of original civil and religious registry books of birth, marriage and death, from Serbia to the Kosovo authorities...

November 2014


Searching for the missing – a decade after!

Searching for the missing after an armed conflict is often a painful, complicated and time-consuming process.

July 2014


EULEX Head of Mission visits the Pejë/Peć Patriarchate

On August 13, the Head of EULEX, Bernd Borchardt, visited the Pejë/Peć Patriarchate, where he met with Father Sava, Abbess Mother Fevronija

EULEX Hosts Domestic Violence Seminar in North Mitrovica

EULEX Rule of Law Mission organised last Thursday, 3 July, a seminar on domestic violence, bringing together representatives of the civil society and local institutions

Portuguese State Secretary for European Affairs visits EULEX

The Portuguese State Secretary for European Affairs, Bruno Maçães, visited EULEX Headquarters in Pristina

Head of Mission visit Rudnica

25 June 2014 | On 24 June 2014, the Head of EULEX Bernd Borchardt paid a short visit to the site of the first stage excavations at a mass grave at Rudnica, Raska.

The Court of Appeals Confirms the Convictions

11 July 2014 | The Court of Appeals on 25 June 2014 issued the judgment in the case against N.M., R.Z., X.Z. and M.N.

June 2014

EULEX Head of Mission meets Mayors and representatives of civil society from northern Kosovo

20 June 2014 | Today, the Head of the European Union Rule of Law Mission, Bernd Borchardt, met in Mitrovica north with the Mayors from Zubin Potok, Stevan Vulović, Zvečan/Zveçan, Vučina Janković, and Mitrovica/Mitrovicé north, Goran Rakić.

EULEX Kosovo to gradually transfer activities

The Council has extended the EU's rule of law mission in Kosovo, EULEX Kosovo until 14 June 2016, following the exchange of letters between President Atifete Jahjaga and EU High Representative Catherine Ashton.

EUPOL Afghanistan visited EULEX

The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Delegation with representative of EUPOL Mission Afghanistan delegation visited EULEX Headquarters on 25 June 2014.

Compact Progress Report 2014

This Compact Progress Report (CPR) marks an important step in the development of the Kosovo's rule of law since the signing of the Joint Compact in November 2012.

May 2014

Joint Rule of Law Coordination Board Meeting

28 May 2014 | The Joint Rule of Law Coordination Board (JRCB) met today at the Main Government Building in Pristina.

NATO Special Representative visits EULEX

27 May 2014 | NATO Special Representative for Women, Peace and Security, Mari Skåre, and her delegation visited EULEX Headquarters on 27 May 2014.

Arrest and search operation

23 May 2014 | Yesterday, Kosovo Police and investigators from EULEX Organised Crime Investigation Unit conducted search and arrest operations in the region of Prishtinë/Priština and Podujevë/Podujevo.

Cycle Kosovo for Children - announcement

27 May 2014 | 'Over the weekend 23-25th May a group of EULEX and OSCE international staff members completed a 500 km ride around Kosovo for charity.

EULEX sends additional humanitarian aid to Serbia

20 May 2014 | EULEX has delivered additional humanitarian aid to those affected by floods in Serbia.

EULEX sends humanitarian aid to Serbia

18 May 2014 | The EULEX Mission in Kosovo has sent humanitarian aid to Serbia, helping those affected by the floods

EULEX marks the International Day Against Homophobia

16 May 2014 | On May 17, EULEX Mission will fly the Rainbow flag at Farmed Building, commemorating the International Day Against Homophobia.

Watch the Documentary: STIGMA

16 May 2014 | Produced by Blerta Zeqiri, funded by the European Office in Kosovo, this film explores the plight of LGBT community in Kosovo.

German Minister of Defence visits EULEX

German Federal Minister of Defence Ursula von der Leyen visits EULEX

EU Day celebrated in Pristina

EULEX staff participated in various activities organised by the EU and Kosovo institutions in order to mark the Europe Day in Pristina.

EULEX Organises Domestic Violence Seminar in North Mitrovica

Around thirty civil society representatives coming from various NGOs dealing with women's rights and minority issues

Second edition of the EULEX Mock Trial, concludes with an exculpatory sentence

For the second time the EU Rule of Law mission - Kosovo has placed its efforts on supporting the future generations of justice professionals

April 2014

Attack on EULEX

Today at around 20h00 two EULEX vehicles on their way to Brnjak/Bërnjak were attacked by gunfire resulting in material damage.

Detention on remand extended for Oliver Ivanovic

Yesterday, an international pre-trial judge at the Basic Court of Mitrovica extended detention on remand against Oliver Ivanovic

Indictment in Organised Crime case

Today, an international prosecutor from the Kosovo Special Prosecution Office (SPRK) filed an indictment against one defendant at the Prizren Basic Court.

Indictment in Violating Secrecy of Proceedings case

Today, an international prosecutor from the Kosovo Special Prosecution Office (SPRK

Acting Civilian Operations Commander visits EULEX

The Acting EU Civilian Operations Commander, Gilles Janvier, visited EULEX on 9 and 10 April

Arrest in northern Kosovo

Today Task Force Mitrovica (TFM) assisted by EULEX Police, executed an international arrest warrant issued by INTERPOL

Detention on remand for two municipality officials

Yesterday an international pre-trial judge at Prishtinë/Priština Basic Court

EULEX donates vehicles to the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine

EULEX donated ten Nissan Patrols to the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE)

March 2014

Remains of 46 victims buried

The remains of forty six (46) individuals, handed over this week to their families by the Department of Forensic Medicine (DFM), were buried today.

EULEX launches a "Simulated trial" for law students

As of today, EULEX together with Pristina's Law Faculty, is launching a unique opportunity for law students and future legal professionals

Prosecutors Statement

"First of all I would like to thank you for having been given the opportunity to give some explanations about what happened recently.

Fighting gender based violence

The second joint meeting of EU Office/EUSR with women's rights organizations dedicated to the issue of gender-based violence and access to justice was held on 25 March 2014 in Pristina

EULEX donates ambulances to Kosovo Health Institutions

EULEX handed over two ambulances to the University Clinical Centre Pristina and Regional Hospital in Kaçanik/Kačanik

Deputy Head of Mission meets with the Chair of the Association of Women in Kosovo Police

On 20th March Deputy Head of Mission, Joelle Vachter, met with the Chair of the Association of Women in Kosovo Police (AWKP)

Detention on remand for three defendants

Yesterday an international pre-trial judge of the Basic Court in Prishtinë/ Priština, upon the application of the prosecution

EULEX Head of Mission continues his regular visits throughout Kosovo

On March 17, the Head of EULEX, Bernd Borchardt, visited the Serbian Orthodox Monastery of Deçan/Dečani

Three arrested for migrant smuggling

This morning the Kosovo Border Police Investigation Unit carried out an arrest and search operation as part of an investigation into offences of Organised Crime and Smuggling of Migrants

Head of EULEX visits the Police Inspectorate

Bernd Borchardt, the Head of EULEX, visited the Police Inspectorate of Kosovo (PIK) where he was welcomed by the Chief Executive Fitim Shishani.

Guilty verdict in Prizren

A mixed panel of local and international judges at Prizren Basic Court found guilty all six defendants in the so-called "Prizren mayor" case for committing the criminal offences

EULEX Strongly Condemns Unlawful Release of a Detained Suspect

EULEX strongly condemns yesterday's violence associated with the raid on the police station in Zubin Potok by a local mob that resulted in the unlawful release of a detained suspect, Slobodan Sovrlic, wanted for serious criminal offences.

Conviction in Organised Crime case

Today a mixed panel of local and international judges at the Basic Court of Prishtinë/Priština found Arben Veseli guilty of Organised Crime

EULEX documentary on civil registry books

Documentary on the handover of the Civil Registry Books

EULEX hands over the last copies of civil registry books to Kosovo Authorities

Civil Registry Agency of the Ministry of Internal Affairs held the ceremony today to mark the handover of last certified copies

Verdict in "Kosovo 2.0" case

Today, an International Prosecutor and State Prosecutor from the Basic Prosecution Office in Pristina, received verdict in the "Kosovo 2.0" case.

February 2014

Prosecution appeal in a war crimes case

The Kosovo Special Prosecution Office (SPRK) is appealing to any person who may have witnessed the following events to come forward with information:

Security during elections ensured

Based on preliminary field assessment for the mayoral elections in Mitrovicë/Mitrovica north on Sunday 23, all security providers, Kosovo Police (KP) as first

EULEX meets Slovenian Representatives

27 February, 2014 | Police General Director of the Republic of Slovenia, Mr. Stanislav Veniger and his delegation visited EULEX Headquarters

Members of German parliament visit EULEX

26 February 2014 | Joëlle Vachter, Deputy Head of Mission, welcomed members of the German parliament to discuss EULEX's role in Kosovo

The EU Family Meeting

On February 20, 2014, EULEX Head of Mission Bernd Borchardt and other senior mission members held their regular monthly meeting with the representatives of EU Member States

Indictment on organised crime and corruption

19 February 2014 | Today, an international prosecutor from the Kosovo Special Prosecution Office (SPRK) filed an indictment against the former Minister of Transport and Post-Telecommunication...

Debate on Trafficking of Human Beings and Organised Crime held in North Mitrovica

19 February 2014 | Focused on the true story of two siblings who answered an advert to work overseas

The verdict in Çyshk/Ćuška case

17 February 2014 | International prosecutors with the Kosovo Special Prosecution Office (SPRK) welcome the guilty verdicts handed down in the Çyshk/Ćuška case, in which a total of 106 years

Verdict in war crime case

13 February 2014 | Yesterday, 12 February 2014 a mixed panel of local and international judges of the Basic Court of Pristina convicted Ivan Radivojevic of War Crime

Kosovo and EULEX in joint effort to improve the asylum system

6 February 2014 | Protecting refugees who sought shelter in Kosovo from prosecution in their own countries represents the responsibility of the authorities dealing with asylum issues.

Arrest of Members of Organized Crime Group

5 February 2014 | Early this morning, an international prosecutor in the Special Prosecution Office in Kosovo (SPRK) conducted an arrest and search operation against ten (10) defendants allegedly involved in an organized criminal...

Appeal Court confirms Ivanovic's detention

5 February 2014 | A panel of judges at the Court of Appeals in Pristina confirmed the decision of the Mitrovica Basic Court regarding the detention on remand for Oliver Ivanovic who is suspected of War Crimes and Aggravated murder.

SPRK arrests suspect in Lesak/Leshak

05 February 2014 | Yesterday night, Dragoljub (aka Dragan) Delibasic, voluntarily presented himself in Lesak/Leshak

January 2014

One month detention for a suspect in war crime case

28 January 2014 | At the request of an international prosecutor from the Kosovo Special Prosecution Office (SPRK)

Joint Rule of Law Coordination Board meeting is held

22 January 2014 | Joint Rule of Law Coordination Board held today its first meeting in this year.

Trial in the "Land" case begins

21 January 2014 | Today started the main trial at Prishtinë/Priština Basic Court, where ten defendants face trial for the alleged commission of offences

Copies of civil registry books handed over to the Kosovo Civil Registration Agency

20 January 2014 | EULEX representatives on Friday handed over 383 certified copies of original civil and religious registry books related to birth

Statement by Catherine Ashton on fatalities in EUPOL Afghanistan

18 January, 2014 | The High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy issued the following statement today:

Indictment filed for organized crime

15 January 2014 | Today, an international prosecutor from the Basic Prosecution Office filed an indictment in the Basic Court in Prizren against nine defendants.

Judicial institution, all in one place

15 January, 2014 | On Tuesday 14 January 2014, Mats Mattsson, Head of EULEX's Executive Division, together with the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Justice, Hajredin Kuç