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Facts on Raska mass grave

16 December 2013

EULEX Head visits Tirana

22 November 2013

Op-Ed:Fighting Migrant Smuggling Together

by Bernd Borchardt, Hajredin Kuçi, Bajram Rexhepi

23 October 2013

Memorial Mass for Audrius Šenavičius

24 September 2013
A Memorial Mass will be held in memory of Audrius Šenavičius in Mother Theresa Cathedral in Pristina on Tuesday, 24 September 2013.

Oped by Bernd Borchardt and Hajredin Kuçi

Press Freedom: Rights, Responsibilities & the Public Interest

30 August 2013

There is no doubt about it: a free press is a cornerstone of any democracy, particularly fragile or developing democracies. Along with elections, it is a key accountability tool. Elections happen only once every four years.

EULEX on war crime cases

22 August 2013

EULEX and War Crimes

14 June 2013

EULEX marks EU Day

9 May 2013

Haber visits Kosovo

2 May 2013

One ordinary day

10 April 2013