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Justice Component
Judicial Functions
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Annual Report 2010 on the Judicial Activities of EULEX Judges
Annual Report 2009 on the Judicial Activities of EULEX Judges


The EULEX Prosecutors Unit is part of the EULEX Justice Component. Our main objective is to empower the Kosovo Prosecutors to perform in accordance with European Rule of Law standards.

The authority granted to the EULEX Prosecutors allows us to act exclusively or together with Kosovo Prosecutors in compliance with the applicable law. Our competences vary from “monitoring, mentoring and advising” our national colleagues to exercising executive authority (conducting criminal investigations to prosecuting new and pending cases).

The EULEX Prosecutors’ competences are mainly defined in two legal documents – the “Law on the Jurisdiction, Case Selection and Case Allocation of EULEX Judges and Prosecutors in EULEX Kosovo” and the law on the Kosovo Special Prosecutors Office (SPRK). The EULEX Prosecutors are granted Kosovo-wide jurisdiction for a list of criminal offences laid down in the abovementioned laws. The competences are exercised within the Office of the State Prosecutor, the SPRK, and all District and Municipal Prosecutors Offices.

The cooperation between the Kosovo and EULEX Prosecutors at case-level is based on the Arrangement on Cooperation between Kosovo and EULEX Prosecutors, and is conducted in mixed teams, which includes the sharing of competences, workload and responsibility. Since the start of the EULEX Mission in Kosovo in December 2008 and up to this date (October 14th, 2010), the total number of cases dealt with the EULEX Prosecutors is 1360, of which 1042 are new cases and 321 have been handed over by UNMIK. In addition, the EULEX Prosecutors also process citizens’ requests on prosecutorial matters. An “on-call” system has been established for both the EULEX Prosecutors in the SPRK and in the District Offices.

In order to improve the fight against organized crime, the EULEX Prosecutors –especially in the SPRK – are establishing operational arrangements with similar Prosecutorial Institutions in other European countries. A new criminal policy has been set up in September 2010 with the objective to focus all prosecutorial capacity on the fight against corruption.