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Street Art – for everyone

29 June 2015

Gray, concrete t-walls surrounding one of the EULEX compounds in the outskirts of Pristina towards Fushë Kosova /Kosovo Polje turned into canvas. Two local artists shaped the street art project. 

Anja Schneider, of the EULEX Chief Logistics Unit, managed this project. She explains the reasons behind it:  “Such walls don’t look very good, therefore we have decided to commission local artists to come up with street art concepts, and make the walls look more beautiful. I believe that people will appreciate this, and prefer this compared to looking at big gray walls. It is art by local artists!”

EULEX sponsored this as an explicit opportunity for local artists to express themselves on 924 square meters, in order share it with everyone. 

“We wanted to combine two goals, to give the opportunity to art students to create their art and to make this public space look more beautiful,  explains Anja. 

Labinot Haxholli and Qendrim Morina, students of the Pristina Academy of Arts came up with the idea of city evolution, from jungle to cities, from rural to urban, from day to night. 

“This was a great opportunity for us, in Kosovo you cannot often find a 924 square meters big size canvas  to express yourself,” explains Qendrim, one of the creators of the street art project and manager of the Kosovo Street Art Facebook page.  “I can easily say that this was one of the biggest street art projects in Kosovo and I am glad we were part of it. This is much better than having a closed exhibition where you send invitation to guests, this type of art is for everyone, everyone can see it,” explains Qendrim. 

“The idea of evolution of rural to urban, jungle to city, throughout day and night, using a range of different colors was the concept behind it, and I hope we did a good job, “says Labinot. 

The EULEX Support Compound is located in the outskirts Pristina towards Fushë Kosova /Kosovo Polje. 


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